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Lien Se Lankstaanskoene The Full Book To 45 ghakeyn




6 ; Total Pages, 112 ; Publisher, Caracol ; Published Date, 1993. The first edition of this work of fiction was issued in 1980 by Kaap Media, and this text has been edited and converted to Open Text. (Note: may not display properly in some readers) Chapter 3 A full container of milk and then four ladles of porridge. You were a grown man now, it would have been unthinkable to let you starve. Although, it would be hard to see how a couple of spoonfuls of porridge a day could have hurt you. But the doctor had not been worried about that, not when he came to the house, sitting down in your father's chair. 'Het jouw?' he had asked. You had nodded. It was the first time he had addressed you directly. You had had to answer yes or no and you didn't know what else to say. Your father said nothing at all. He just stared back at the doctor, waiting for his orders. The doctor had smiled. He pointed to your father's right leg and you had seen the white spools of tape looped around the thick muscle. 'Dat?' you had said. 'Kom, jy kry 'n antwoord.' You had waited a moment longer. You could see your father's lips quivering as he thought about the answer he was going to give. Then you had heard a loud crunch, and you had looked up at the doctor, expecting to see him fall over. 'No,' the doctor had answered. 'My leg. My right leg.' You didn't know what to say. 'Nothing can be done about that leg,' the doctor had said, his voice gentle. 'You will have to do without for a long time.' You had nodded. 'And one day you will be all right. The doctors will fix your leg, and they will put you in a wheelchair.' 'Nee,' you had answered. 'I will not.' The doctor had turned to your father. 'Is there any way you can send him to school?' You had begun to shake your head, but your father had answered for you. 'Ja, daar is baie goeie paai in die lerms.' You remembered the doctor's voice and his hands. His light brown eyes. 'I




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